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      Innovation in 2005, by a number of years engaged in the energy industry professional technology and marketing people co sponsored, after 10 years of efforts, the formation of a core equipment marketing as the foundation, system design, equipment procurement, management, operation and maintenance, technical advice, after-sales service, such as organic combination of integrated team. In recent years, relying on the Chinese government "vigorously develop energy structure adjustment and revitalization of the overall layout of the new energy industry, in China and even all over the world are under the background of wide focus on energy saving and environmental protection, the company boldly reform, improve the modern enterprise management system, gradually developed into a core technology and core equipment based, intelligent control and management system as a link, to perfect and thoughtful service for the security of the comprehensive promotion of science and technology type enterprises.
      As China Aviation Industry (Group) animal energy host system core promoters and global partners in the project, and the management system of SDL intelligent power plant design and integrators, relying on China aviation engine group to expand in the field of energy (including the core technology, equipment manufacturing, system design, engineering contractors and investment and financing ability, strong strength, etc.) through the integration of various resources, absorb the world's leading technology to coal and oil power generation equipment and provide power plant construction as the foundation, the continuous development of natural gas, biogas, solar, wind and other renewable new energy raw materials for the distributed energy power plant market, improve the utilization efficiency of primary energy, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.
      The company can provide all kinds of medium and high speed power generating units, including diesel generating units, heavy oil generating units and gas generating units, the power range from 10KW to 22000KW. and in product and technology as the basis, for the user to provide a full range, high price support and service, including the project investment and financing, consulting and design, EPC, system integration, debugging acceptance, the core equipment and project operation and maintenance and so on.
      We in the beautiful Qingdao waiting for friends from all over the world to come to negotiate, sightseeing.

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