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Applicable fuel: natural gas, liquefied gas, coalbed methane, biomass gas and other combustible gases.。
Hits:51 Parent:POWER STATION Date:2016-05-28
Medium speed high power heavy oil generator is one of the most important products of our company at this stage to promote the single power 950KW-22000KW. Products are mainly sold in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other regions. We are committed to the investment in large, medium and...
Hits:52 Parent:POWER STATION Date:2016-05-28
Medium and high speed diesel generating set is one of the main products of our own research and development, the power of a single machine is 10KW to 2400KW. Our company with MTU, Perkins, Cummins, googol, JDEC cooperation in R & D and production of M, P, C, G, J series diesel generator is widely used in each f...
Hits:50 Parent:POWER STATION Date:2016-05-28
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