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What is the reason for the fuel consumption of diesel generating set

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:06:56 Hits:99 Belong to:Industry
Some diesel generating units in the use of the process, there will be the phenomenon of excessive fuel consumption, but do not know which parts to start from the specific processing, to this end, for everyone to analyze several cases.
First, when the oil consumption is found to be too much, should first check the body and the gear room cover, the side of the line round of the market, the back cover, cover and other connections are there oil leakage phenomenon. Such as oil spills, should pay attention to observe the connection parts of the seal gasket is complete, the generator to replace the damaged seal gasket. If the seal is complete, should check all parts of the connection screw is loose. On the loosening of the bolt with a wrench to the specified torque can be. If the region is above normal, and oil spills in the position of the frame, to deal with oil shell are examined, mainly check the site in front with the wheel at the same side of the oil in the shell side, generator set rental factorial base screw loosening, wheel in V-belt drive and protection of oil shell gantry angle iron production growth phase rubbing, grinding shell oil through the formation of gap and generation of oil leakage.
Second, the engine long-term use the formation of normal wear, or due to improper maintenance of non normal wear and tear, will make the diesel engine cylinder liner formed longitudinal stretch marks, cylinder diameter and piston side clearance exceeds the prescribed limit, so that the piston ring supporting force decreases, scraping oil dirty phenomenon. Or because of the oil ring inside the inner support twist spring disconnect at the opening position of the oil ring, resulting in oil scraping net and participate in combustion, resulting in oil a serious drain on symptoms, performance for the diesel engine is difficult to start, the exhaust pipe has the obvious blue smoke, a serious respiratory injection. Moreover, the piston should be to the side, in the assembly for the combustion chamber to form the inverted direction inverted, although does not affect the diesel engine starting, but loss of engine oil will quite serious, the daily fuel consumption at about 0.5 kg.
Third, valve guide wear serious will burn diesel generator oil although it is rare, but according to the relevant information, is not to be taken lightly a reason.
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