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Preventive measures to avoid the power down

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 10:35:43 Hits:77 Belong to:Enterprise
Technical measures for the electric power of the diesel generator set
1 diesel generating set switching device
The switching device of the diesel generator and the electric power is mainly used in the following three ways: the double throw switch, the interlocking circuit breaker and the automatic switching device (ATS).
(1) using the double throw switch: the main application of the electricity load is small, the low power supply reliability requirements of users, such as rural areas of small processing farm, farms and so on. Using this switch, the wiring is simple. Main attention should be paid to: double throw knife gate should be installed as far as possible the total line of electric power in the city, avoid because of the user private pull random connection, cause to the electric network.
(2) using interlocking circuit breaker switching: this switching mode, mainly applicable to the large power load, there are special transformer users. Mutual atresia have two kinds: (1) using the auxiliary contacts of the circuit breaker to realize locking. In this connection, to not equipped with self investment requirements of the users, in any circumstances can only ensure that at most two circuit breaker and closing, and can ensure the use of the circuit breaker on the manual operation institutions forced closing has closing the circuit breaker will be disconnected. Ensure latchup reliability and safety. Using PlC (programmable controller) and circuit breaker auxiliary contacts, to achieve the circuit breaker interlocking and automatic switching between the city and the self owned generator. Because the PLC in the industrial automation control has been widely used, is a reliable control equipment, but in dual supply as mutual locking, and automatic switching, or relatively new technology, proved by actual use, the effect is good.
(3) using ATS automatic switching device for switching. ATS device uses two loops, a set of mechanism, compact structure, small size, with manual, automatic operation. In the automatic mode, when the city electric power cut, automatically switch to the generator side, by the generator power supply; when the city power recovery, automatically switch to the city electric side, by the city electric power supply. The better ATS device also has the function of self starting generator and self stopping generator. The device interrupting capacity for higher requirements for power supply reliability of occasions, such as hotels, high-rise buildings and so on, and the switching device with electrical and mechanical double lock, high safety and reliability, simple wiring. The disadvantage is that the investment cost is higher.
Grounding device of 2 diesel generating set
The customer uses the generator set to have its own separate grounding device, used as a protective grounding and repeated grounding. Therefore, grounding device except is connected with the generator housing, should also be connected with the zero line of the generator and should meet the 100kW and above the generator and grounding resistance of less than 4 ohms in contact resistance, 100kW generators, grounding resistance less than 10 ohms. In addition to preventing the electric leakage of the generator, the grounding device is charged outside the casing, and the utility model is more important to prevent the generator from generating the zero position drift when the load is unbalanced. If the transformer working grounding, resulting to the power grid, although the zero drift voltage is not very high, but after the transformer, the maintenance and construction personnel will pose a threat to. Especially in the rural areas with weak safety awareness, the grounding device of the generator is relatively easy to be ignored.
3 diesel generator set down power management measures
On the management of diesel generator sets, the following measures should be taken:
(1) increase the owned the propaganda of laws and regulations related to the management of power unit, the power supply business rules, the article 100, paragraph 6 Provisions: "not by power supply enterprises agree that without the introduction of (for) power or standby power grid, except immediately removal of wiring, should bear the introduction of (for) or grid connected power capacity per kW (kVA) 500 yuan default use of electricity."
(2) due to poor management of diesel generator sets caused by personal injury accident lessons, publicity, so that the majority of users fully aware of self owned generating units the inverse power transmission of serious harm and strengthen anti down to send the importance of power management.
(3) to strengthen the management of the scope of power supply for diesel generating units, the user is strictly prohibited private pull random access, to prohibit the use of power generation units sent to other users.
(4) to strengthen the management of the user's electrical operation personnel, so that they are familiar with the operation of the diesel generator.
(5) regular inspection and maintenance of the anti back transmission device, the electrical interlocking device at least once a year to conduct a safety test, to ensure its operational reliability.
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