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How to deal with the fault of diesel generator?

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 10:36:41 Hits:86 Belong to:Enterprise
Diesel generator in the operation of the process of failure and abnormal is inevitable, following us to introduce the often appeared in the fault and a, there are some measures to deal with
Relay protection of generator
Fault type, abnormal working state and protection mode of electric machine.
Relative to the transformer, the generator is more responsible, the transformer has a primary winding, secondary side winding, through the iron core, magnetic field to the original side and the secondary side to connect, magnetic coupling, to achieve the transfer of energy. Generator, rotor winding, stator winding, rotor iron core, stator core. In the generator, there are still parts, there are rotating parts, through the stator to cut the magnetic field in the air gap, the induction potential in the stator, resulting in current. The mechanical energy received by the rotor can drive the rotor to rotate, and the mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy through a magnetic field, and the electric energy is transmitted through the stator winding. Inside the generator has the time varying quantity, the stator induction current, the voltage, assumes the sine change, but also has the spatial variation.
The fault state of the generator and the abnormal state is much more complicated than that of the transformer. Generator is relatively very valuable, so it is important to increase the degree of.
1, the generator internal fault:
Fault of stator winding and rotor winding. There are still parts of the fault and there is a rotating part of the fault.
(1) the phase of the stator winding short circuit: the greatest harm.
(2) the turn to turn short circuit of one phase of the stator winding: it may develop into a single phase to ground fault and phase to phase short circuit. Direct harm to generator.
(3) stator winding single phase grounding: more common, generally neutral point is not grounded, or high resistance grounding, there is no large single phase current, if the current value is greater than 5A, can cause the iron core burns or partial melt.
(4) rotor one point grounding or two grounding points: one point grounding when no serious harm; two grounding points, due to the destruction of the balance of the rotor flux may trigger generator of strong shaking or burning rotor winding.
Generally to the rotor winding DC current, so that it generates a rotating magnetic field, so that the rotor can be formed between the coupling of the magnetic circuit, so that the rotor can be obtained through the mechanical transmission of the magnetic field to the stator. In general, the rotor winding is connected to the positive and negative power between the rotor itself is not ground, only negative, there is no zero potential, a grounding point, which is equivalent to the emergence of a zero potential, can not form a loop, the generator has no direct harm, but if two grounding points, equivalent to the formation of a short circuit state, at this time, there will be a very large short-circuit current, causing the distortion of magnetic field of the rotor of local heating and at the same time, in the larger short circuit stator voltage, stator core saturation, the unit will be fever phenomenon, at the same time, due to non-uniform magnetic field that makes it receive the magnetic force is not uniform, will cause the generator vibration, direct damage to the generator. Does not allow the generator to continue to run, must immediately withdraw from the operation.
(5) rotor excitation loop current sharp decline or disappear: from the system to absorb reactive power, resulting in loss of step, which caused the system voltage drop, and even make the system collapse.
Originally through the rotor magnetic field is established to establish a connection bridge, rotor excitation current drops sharply, causes the rotor to a portion of the mechanical energy cannot be converted into electrical energy, making the rotor speed increased, external connection system of current will establish a connection bridge, and the transmission of mechanical energy, is originally to system sending reactive power, has now become a to system absorption power, no voltage reactive power and system is directly linked to, the reactive power is sufficient, system voltage to maintain a high level, the lack of reactive power and voltage drop and may even crash the system.
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