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Warning before major failure of diesel generating set

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:07:24 Hits:96 Belong to:NOTICE
Diesel generating units if there is a lot of trouble that there will be a very serious consequences, then what are the signs of failure before it?
Chinese pay attention to nip in the bud, here we come to know the precursory major faults of diesel generator under:
1. Burning tile precursor diesel engine speed is suddenly reduced, for heavier loads, the engine take black smoke, oil pressure drop, the crankcase issued a "chirp" dry friction sound, which is burning tile precursor. Encounter this kind of situation should immediately stop, otherwise it will further aggravate the bearing wear, shaft neck surface caught in sticky rapid expansion, bearing and shaft neck soon bond locking, the engine flameout.
2. Visco cylinder precursor stick cylinder general in serious shortage of water in the diesel engine occurs, visco cylinder engine powerless running, water table indicating more than 100 DEG C, to drip several drops of cold water on the body, "hissing" sound, and white smoke, drop quickly evaporated. At this time should allow the engine to run at low speed or idle speed to reduce the unit temperature, if immediately turn off, will lead to the piston and cylinder liner.
3 valve falling cylinder of the precursor valve into the cylinder, generally due to valve stem fracture, valve spring break, valve spring seat, valve lock clip off and other reasons caused by. When the cylinder head parts issued "Dangdang" percussion sound (piston touch valve), "Chacha" friction sound (piston touch valve) or accompanied by other abnormal noise, engine work instability, often falling cylinder precursor valve, then you should immediately stop stalling, otherwise will break the piston, cylinder head and cylinder sleeve, even top bent link rod, break the body, with the broken crankshaft.
4 the precursor to the cylinder is a destructive mechanical failure, in addition to the valve cylinder caused by cylinder, mostly due to the rod bolt loose. After the connecting rod bolts loosening or stretching, connecting rod bearing clearance increases, then in the crankcase parts can be heard, "dada" percussion sound, percussion sound from big to small, Fujian last engine connecting rod bolts completely off or broken, connecting rod and bearing cap thrown to break the body and related parts.
5. The broken shaft of the precursor when diesel engine crankshaft shoulder due to fatigue produce latent crack and fault symptom is not obvious. With the increase in the expansion of the crack, the engine crankcase a dull thud speed change heavier percussion, the engine take black smoke, and soon, knocking gradually increasing the engine produces jitter, crankshaft fracture, then ene fire. Therefore, when the engine crankcase abnormal sound occurs, should immediately stop the inspection.
6. The flywheel of the fragmentation of the precursor when the flywheel latent crack, with hammer percussion, a hoarse sound, when the engine is operating, the flywheel is have a percussion sound, variation of rotating speed, and the noise will increase, the engine shaking. At this time, if not stop the inspection, it is easy to cause the flywheel suddenly broken, debris flying out of wounding and other vicious accident.
A precursor to 7. The speed of the speed before, diesel generator usually appear blue smoke, burning oil or speed instability phenomenon. At the start of the diesel engine speed is not affected throttle control, rapidly rising until more than the rated speed engine take out a lot of smoke or smoke. At this time if not quickly take off the oil, breathe, relief and other measures to stop, engine speed will continue to rise, and the issue of mad roar, the exhaust pipe smoke filled the air, speed is out of control, it will cause incompletely cylinder and other major incidents occurred.
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