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Why regular maintenance and maintenance of diesel generator

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:19:21 Hits:1764 Belong to:Technology
Diesel generator unit after power failure emergency standby power supply provider. Most of the time unit in standby state, once the blackout, unit "anxious to start, emergency power" or standby unit will lose its meaning and how to achieve the goal of? Practice has proved that: strengthen the daily maintenance is the most economical and effective method, because units long, is static, the unit itself all materials will occur complex chemical and physical changes, and the oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air, thus the unit "stop bad".
Units 1 and starting battery fault battery long time no maintenance, after evaporation of electrolyte water to replenish, no allocation of starting battery charger, battery long time natural discharge after the power is reduced, or using the charger need artificial regular charging of the float switch, due to the negligence of switching operation resulting in the battery power is not up to the requirements. To solve this problem in addition to the configuration of high quality charger and the necessary inspection and maintenance is must.
2 and the water from entering the diesel engine due to air in the gas on the temperature change of condensation, form bead hanging attached on the inner wall of the oil tank, diesel inflows, resulting in diesel excessive moisture content, so diesel oil into the engine high pressure oil pump, corrosion precision coupling parts - plunger and serious will damage the unit, regular maintenance and can effectively avoid.
3, holding period (two years) engine is machinery lubrication oil, and oil also has a certain retention period and stored for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change, deterioration of lubrication condition caused by the unit work, easy to cause damage to plant parts, lubricating oil to regular replacement.
The replacement cycle 4, filter (filter, filter, air filter, water filter) filter is played on the diesel oil or water filtration, to prevent impurities from entering the body, and the oil, in the diesel impurities is inevitable, so in the operation process, the filter will play an important role, but at the same time these oil or impurities will be deposited on the screen on the wall of the filter capacity decreased, excessive deposition, oil will not be smooth, so that the oil machine load operation will not supply due to oil shock (such as people, so the normal hypoxia) generator during use we suggest: first, the commonly used unit every 500 hours, standby unit replacement filter; second every two years to replace the filter;
5, cooling system pumps, water tank and pipeline long time without cleaning, make water circulation, cooling effect is reduced, water pipe joint is good, water tank, a water channel whether there is leakage, if the cooling system is faulty, consequences: first, cooling effect is bad and the unit water temperature is too high and stop, Wilson unit is the most common; second, water leakage of the water tank and the water tank water level decline, units will also not normal (to prevent in the winter, when the use of generators, frozen pipes, we propose to work best in the cooling system installed water heater).
6, lubrication system, sealing parts due to the lubricating oil or grease in the chemical properties and mechanical wear of iron, which not only reduces the its lubrication effect, also accelerated the damaged parts, also due to the lubricating oil on the rubber sealing ring with a certain degree of corrosion, and seal itself at any time and aging so that the sealing effect is reduced.
7, fuel, gas distribution system engine power output is mainly fuel in cylinder combustion acting and fuel is through the injector nozzle, which makes the combustion of the coke deposited on nozzle, with the amount of deposited increases the amount of fuel injection nozzle will be affected, resulting in nozzle ignition advance angle of the time allowed, each engine cylinder fuel injection quantity is not uniform, working state is not stable, so regular cleaning of the fuel system, filter element replacement oil flow, tone of the gas distribution system is the homogeneous ignition.
8, unit control part of the control unit is also an important part of the unit maintenance and maintenance, the unit use is too long, the line connection loose, AVR module work is normal.
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