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Running in after maintenance of diesel generator set

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:06:12 Hits:90 Belong to:Industry
After the maintenance of diesel generator is very important, we have to introduce the importance and types of this run in.
Diesel generator set maintenance or overhaul to the after a run is that new engine parts or maintenance updated, part surface is not smooth, immediately available under the high temperature, high pressure, high speed and full load conditions, generating component wear, shorten the power unit of the life relationship. So it is very important to run in and use the diesel generator set.
Diesel unit running can be divided into two kinds of cold running and hot running:
1, Leng Mohe
Cold running, is to refer to the diesel unit on the test bench by the motor or other power to drive the crankshaft to run, to achieve the crankshaft connecting rod, gas distribution and other parts of the running with the purpose of. In this process need to use low viscosity oil, and can also check the fault of the diesel generator set, to see whether there is abnormal sound, cylinder and gas leakage.
2, hot running in
Hot running in is refers to the installation of diesel generator unit is completed, and after a detailed examination, will start the machine, through the no load and load test, further inspection and adjustment of the engine, making it has good power and economy. This process should try to pay attention to check the machine parts assembly and coordination between the gap is appropriate, the engine is running is uniform, a piston, a piston pin, crank main bearing and connecting rod bearing etc. there is no special sound.
For the diesel generator set after the maintenance of the run in is worthy of our attention, running after the unit parts can be more adapted to high temperature, high pressure, high speed


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