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Diesel generator mediation EFI and electronic speed

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:05:49 Hits:100 Belong to:Industry
EFI technology is a fuel system of an internal combustion engine electronic injection technology supply, in order to strictly control the generator exhaust to the environment serious pollution, requests the automobile gasoline engine must implement EFI technology, non EFI vehicles to take the measures of non access.
Diesel engine fuel supply system because of the special nature, that is, when the supply of fuel in the supply of high pressure (10 ~ 120MPa) injection, technical change the original fuel supply mode and the gasoline engine has a greater difficulty. In fact, the diesel engine pollution is sometimes more serious than the gasoline engine, especially smoke, carbon and oxygen compounds, etc..
Diesel generator set requirements of diesel engine only has the stable operation speed, good dynamic performance, can output high quality of electric energy, but also has to adjust the speed of automation, can we truly achieve the preparation (main), the intelligence and automation of power. Therefore diesel generator set diesel engine in recent years has been a part of the implementation of the electronic speed, but on the environment pollution control measures do nothing.
Diesel engine is a variant product of diesel engine for vehicle, ship and engineering machinery, so the development of electronic control technology is bound to be affected by the main products. In the late 20th century, due to diesel vehicle exhaust emission regulations and gasoline car is becoming more and more strict and improve fuel economy requirements has been further improved, so on the basis of the rapid development of gasoline engine electronic control technology, some developed countries began on diesel engine electronic control technology, electronic injection were developed and investigated, and initially put into use. Electronic injection technology and electronic control technology both similarities (i.e., diesel engine fuel injection quantity control), but also has the fundamental difference, namely electronic injection is also a useful electrical signal control of fuel injection timing, injection pressure, completely abolished the fuel system of mechanical structure.
EFI diesel generating set, changing the original generator control category is diesel generators to green set forward from the beginning, for today in the development of modern society, people have attached great importance to environmental impact on the sustainable development of society and economy, traffic tools that have been paid much attention to, especially gasoline engine car pollution control, emphasis on electronic fuel injection engine control necessity, therefore adopted a mandatory popularity. Believe in the near future, the popularization of electronic fuel injection technology also is, not far, the universal application of EFI diesel generator will also cause extensive attention.
In summary, the development trend of future diesel generator has gradually to the evolution of the electronic control unit (ECU) generator, especially mechanical variable speed generator will gradually fade out the market, instead use electronic speed and
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