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Configuration requirements of main switch cabinet of diesel generator

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:11:27 Hits:109 Belong to:Consultation
The main switch cabinet of the diesel generator comprises the following devices, but is not limited to the following devices:
(1) electrical reverse power protection
(2) a switch in place and far away. When in place, the main switch of the diesel generator and the security section of the power switch chain can be in the main switch cabinet to start / stop and add and subtract load operation, and put into the same period.
(3) automatic / manual test synchronization device
(4) plus and minus load controller
(5) the transmitter (4 ~ 20mA DC signal transmission: diesel engine, power frequency, voltage and current is sent to the DCS)
(6) cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, and power distribution cabinet to the diesel engine.
The control and operation of the main switch cabinet of the main switch diesel generator is supplied by the supplier. The main switch and the DCS, the feedback includes at least the following signal: the main switch has been closed, the main switch has been jumped, remote / local control, control circuit failure, control command for the hop, hop.
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