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How to start the diesel generator compressed air?

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 10:34:40 Hits:80 Belong to:Enterprise
 For small generators, due to their starting resistance is small, the manual or electric starting method can successfully start up, however, of the power of large diesel generators, due to start resistance, if the engine is difficult to start, therefore, diameter D is equal to or greater than 150mm of large diesel engines usually use compressed air to start. The basic principle is the inflated in advance, the high-pressure air bottle pressure air and in cylinder working order sent to each cylinder, to high pressure to push the piston to exercise the crankshaft to rotate and to start the diesel generator, which is for the use of compressed air starting method for air distributor. In addition, the other is a compressed air driven pneumatic motor, which is driven by a pneumatic motor to drive a diesel generator.
Compressed air starting process
Diesel generator startup, open the start switch, air bottle, bottles in the air of the compressed air, via the start control valve to the air distributor is introduced into the diesel engine cylinder. For easy starting and saving compressed air, before the start of the first with human turn the crankshaft, enable any of the cylinder piston in the check point 10 DEG to 15 DEG position (the flywheel rim marked), and then open the control valve. So that the compressed air into the distributor corresponding to each cylinder. To promote the piston downward, thus entered the start-up process, opened the throttle of 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3. When there is a burst of sound within the cylinder, quickly turn off the start valve and the air bottle, the diesel engine into the low speed operation. At this point, the air bottle is needed to be filled with the air bottle for the next start of the use, and the first cylinder injector return oil bolt and the air bottle are filled with the charging valve. When the air bottle pressure to the table (2450~2490) kPa when the, close all pneumatic pipe valve and a switch, then the injector back oil bolt is screwed down the first cylinder into operation.
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