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How to prolong the service life of the diesel generator?

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:10:57 Hits:91 Belong to:Consultation
Method for prolonging service life of diesel generator:
In addition to product quality problems, the root cause of the damage is mainly caused by the improper use of the machine, the maintenance is not timely and not correct. Here are some measures to prolong the service life of the couple, so as to provide reference for.
1, the strict implementation of the fuel sedimentation filtration system, filling the diesel at least 48 hours after the deposit can be taken. Diesel oil should be in accordance with the standard model of season. Refueling tool to be clean and dedicated. The gas and oil storage areas should be clean, to avoid the dirt mixed with fuel and accelerated wear parts, reduce the service life of parts.
2, the development of technology, strict maintenance specifications, fuel filter 100 hours of work, tank 500 hours of work and the cleaning time, if it is found that the filter breaking the timely replacement of loss effect shall not be removed while the use of DC type oil. Even under normal working conditions, the work should be dismantled and checked once in 500 hours. To ensure that the premises, hand, tools and cleaning oil must be cleaned to prevent contamination. In disassembling operation shall not luanqiao cookin, cleaning don't huddle misplacing should not be and other non dual pieces with wash basin in order to avoid bumps, bruises. In the assembly shall not arbitrarily change the assembly location and to achieve some of the requirements of the machine does not meet the requirements of the purpose. In the assumed oil valve seat and nozzle tight tight cap should be according to the prescribed tightening torque to ensure the assembly after the injector and fuel pump technology state of good.
3, in addition to the above requirements, should also enhance the dual parts of understanding, to understand even the structure characteristics and working principle, strengthen and enhance the dual parts of maintenance of maintenance, operation, done without fault is not random adjustment, maintenance and use do not disassemble, maintenance, inspection, not luanqiao cookin, cleaning and maintenance time chaos rub tinker, assembly adjusting not disorderly change random twist, all according to the technical standard requirements to so as to prolong the service life of the
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