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Engine fault of diesel generating set

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:06:34 Hits:77 Belong to:Industry
If the engine fails, we have to exclude the method, let's look at the following.
In the process of generating unit maintenance, we have to focus on what engine fault elimination method, diesel generator set, the engine is the main power source. If a fault in the operation of the equipment, to a lesser extent, causing damage to the generator, severe cases can lead to significant personal and property safety, accidents happen, so we in the troubleshooting process must follow the correct methods and steps. General troubleshooting work order should be first organized to study the fault, and then in accordance with the order from the complex to find the reasons for the final plan to eliminate the trouble.
1, before the action to think, observe, carefully study the fault.
1) which warning features appear before the fault. Normally, the engine speed, sound, exhaust, water temperature, oil pressure and other aspects of the engine before the failure will show some abnormal signs, that is, the characteristics of fault omen. Personnel can quickly make the right judgments according to the characteristics of the signs, and resolutely take measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents. For example: valve leakage and the engine will take black smoke; crankshaft bearing and shaft neck wear off very, the engine will be issued a muffled "boring" percussion sound.
2) before which repairs and maintenance work. Usually some improper repair or maintenance will cause some failure, the staff can find clues from these repairs or maintenance.
3) whether there had been a similar fault.
4) if the engine is still turning, let it go on, so as to do more checks to see if the equipment is safe.
2, the first from the most simple, the most easy to do the reasons for the investigation.
Most of the failures are simple and easy to eliminate, the staff should check the most easy and obvious things, so you can save time, quickly find out the reasons, troubleshooting, reduce some unnecessary trouble. For example, the "power shortage" is usually due to the loosening of the throttle mechanism and fuel filter dirty caused; "oil consumption is too large" is usually caused by the leakage of the seal gasket and tubing joints.
3, before the start of the demolition work to repeat inspection thinking.
Most engine failure is not just a part of the source, but can be traced back to the relationship between the parts. In the troubleshooting process, often there will be such a situation: the whole engine was split up to find the cause of a fault, that in the dividing process destroyed all the clues to find fault. So it should be checked once again to see if it ignores an easy solution. For example, do not charge more than the governor fault, there may be caused by the fan belt too loose.
4. Find out the root cause of the failure.
After the mechanical failure is corrected, but also the root causes of the failure to identify and eliminate, so that after a similar fault. "The fuel injection nozzle plunger bond" can be used to replace the failure of the plunger to solve, but there is always the factors led to the plunger bond, which may improper adjustment of injection nozzle, may also be due to the water causes the fuel.
If you are in the process of generating unit maintenance in accordance with the above four steps of diesel engine fault diagnosis and exclusion, basic can ultimately find out the cause of the failure and troubleshooting, to avoid disorderly, no clue. In addition, we should do is usually on the generator maintenance, good maintenance, can prolong the service life of the unit, but also can reduce the maintenance cost, fully staffed, hope everyone should be paid more attention.
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