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How to solve the multi fuel generator

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:17:52 Hits:1795 Belong to:Technology
Oil in normal use, to ensure that there is good lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall by spray method make the cylinder wall adhesion to a layer of oil. Due to the piston ring scraping oil Co., residual in Cummins generator set on the cylinder wall oil under high temperature gas, some burned, some with the exhaust conjunction with vented or deposits to form in the cylinder parts. When the engine operating temperature is too high, there is a part of the engine oil evaporation and was discharged into the crankcase or cylinder. Dow Yici diesel generator technical condition is good, the normal consumption is less, but when the technical status of engine with the extension of time and variation, the oil consumption increases. The greater the amount of oil consumed, the more serious the performance of the engine.
Elimination method:
(1) phenomenon
Oil daily has a significant decline.
The blue smoke exhaust.
(2) reason
1. Leaks place: such as crankshaft rear bearing oil seal oil leakage and timing gear cover oil seal is damaged or improper device and the oil spill, the rear end of the cam shaft cover sealing lax and other liner damage or tubing joints loosening and cracking and leakage.
Exhaust turbocharger compressor impeller shaft sealing ring failure.
Valve guide seal damage, or intake valve rod and the pipe with a large gap between.
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