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Problems of carbon deposition in diesel generator sets

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 10:36:13 Hits:88 Belong to:Enterprise
Most people will know a little bit about the price of diesel generating units, but the words on the carbon accumulation is basically not heard, it is not clear how the. But if as a technical staff must be aware of the concept of diesel generating units and the causes of the phenomenon, the most important but also to be able to timely processing, timely solution.
So-called diesel generator product carbon are actually diesel and channeling into the combustion chamber oil incomplete combustion products, at the top of the piston of diesel engine, combustion chamber wall and valve around produce coke is a more common phenomenon. Large amounts of carbon will be the performance of diesel engine generator is influenced by certain, its ultimate performance is: make poor combustion and heat transfer deterioration and reduce the reliability of the work of the fuel injector. What is the reason for it?
1, the injector is not working properly, such as poor atomization, dropping oil, fuel injection pressure is too high or too low, as well as the injection time too early or too late, too much fuel injection quantity, will make part of the fuel combustion is not complete.
2, diesel model is not right, or the quality is not clearance, can not fully burn.
3, the diesel engine overload or temperature is too high, the fire is too early, so that the fuel burning is not complete.
4, the machine temperature is too low, or to join the cooling water too much, the burning of the fuel to be affected.
Understand the causes of the above problems, we can not do anything to avoid in practical work. As long as a step by step analysis of the causes of the problem, and finally take the corresponding measures, the problem will be solved.
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