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Light diesel generator
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Special Type Generating Sets

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Special Type Generating Sets


Rain-proof Generating

Rain-proof structure.

Compacted space structure and high rate of utilization.

Oil tank at the bottom with large capacity can be operated with full load for 8 hours.

Highly efficient damping measurements ensure steady running of generator.

Good noise reduction effect.


Silenced Generating Sets

Application of special acoustic damping and anechoic material suppresses mechanical noises greatly.

Application of impedance and straw type compound silencer reduces exhaust noises greatly.

Noise level minimized in 68~85dBAfrom one meter of distance to the case.

The case is of rational whole structure, good shape, convenience for lifting, rain-proof, snow-proof and suitability for outdoor working.

An opening door is arranged. The inlet and outlet of the case are return type air duct to ensure smooth intake and exhaust and radiation.

Inner oil tank can be equiped.


Movable trail car power plant

Movable power source car

Drag: use flexible hook, 360°turning is flexible to ensure safety during travelling.

Brake: there are both reliable pneumatic brake interface and hand brake system to ensure safety during travelling.

Support: to ensure stability during operation of the mobile power vehicle, four mechanical or hydraulic support devices are arranged.

Door and window: there is ventilation window at the front, a carved door at the back and doors at both sides for entrance are arranged.

Illumination: explosion proof ceiling light is installed in the case, work table at the right side and work table lamp is equipped for convenience of operation.

Sound proof: case and doors etc. Of the mobile power vehicle are decorated in two layers and acoustic panels are installed to absorb noises. The noise can be controlled within 85 dB maximum.

Case size: case size will be decided as per specifications. Operators can walk around for convenience of operation and maintenance.

External appearance: uses polymer polyurethane paint and the color can be decided by customer. Exhaust pipe goes downward to ensure good appearance.

Firefighting: two fire distinguishers are equipped along with the vehicle.


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