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The role of diesel filter in diesel generating set

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:07:46 Hits:97 Belong to:NOTICE
Diesel generator diesel filter can filter function, we can not ignore, some users in the use of diesel powered generator sets, always think their filling diesel, has been the long time of precipitation, and through the tertiary filtration, so it is very clean. Is such, cited the river found in daily operations, many users will not seriously familiar with the filter structure, diesel filter, with the dummy, resulting in generator, especially the fuel system of the three precision coupling parts rapid wear, resulting in undue loss.
Here, the river on the introduction of the relevant contents of the diesel filter. At present domestic diesel generator use has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, small mass, good filtering effect and low cost paper diesel filter. The paper is mainly composed of aluminum filter filter, steel plate stamping and shell and paper filter element. Filter cover progress with the oil inlet of the oil pump interlinked,. The outlet is communicated with the oil inlet of the fuel injection pump, return pipe joint and injector tubing connected, cover is also provided with a deflated plug, paper filter assembly is a punched with many small holes in the barrel, gathered outside the fold of special filter paper, both ends of the cover glue sealing. Diesel oil into the filter, through the filter, collected in the filter cylinder, and the oil outlet of the fuel injection pump. Accumulate at the bottom of the shell impurities and moisture by the lower part of the shell oil drain plug out.
Some problems in the process of maintenance
1, some users in the maintenance of diesel oil filter, filter loss sealing rubber washer and oil cover, diesel not filtered by the filter element, and from the gap between the filter element and the filter cover without resistance into the inner cavity of the filter element, make the diesel filter loss of filtration and purification.
2, some users will be the position of the diesel oil filter of a tray and a spring is reversed, even turn them away. The diesel oil filter cover and the oil hole in open state, diesel fuel is not filtered directly into the fuel injection pump.
3, some people in the maintenance of diesel generating units, apart from the filter, and found that its internal and filter is particularly clean without a bit of impurities and water, that is, the use of diesel is very clean. As everyone knows, this is a false impression, is due to the filter material of the filter material loose, too large and caused by too large, then filter paper has not played a filter. If found in the use of the process of diesel engine fuel system three precision coupling parts, especially of plunger pair wear serious, it may be caused by poor quality filter.
From the above we can come to a conclusion, we should on diesel generator parts, especially turbine filter parts should be paid great attention, we should filter replacement or cleaning in the turbine, the conventional maintenance requirements.
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