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The reason of abnormal condition of diesel generator

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:05:18 Hits:126 Belong to:Industry
  Usually we use diesel generators if there is an abnormal phenomenon, it should be how to find out the reasons for the river to generate electricity for you to analyze the status of these.
(1) the current of the stator winding caused by an external short circuit or system oscillation
(2) the three-phase symmetrical overload caused by the stator winding. The anti overload capacity of the generator is much less than that of the transformer, the transformer is used as a static element, and the rotating part is not rotated. Generator has a high-speed rotating part, the heat itself is large, and its heat is not as good as the transformer oil for cooling, generally do not allow overload condition, the general overload, the alarm signal will occur.
(3) generator negative sequence current caused by external asymmetric short circuit or asymmetric load.
Generator as a rotating element, when the negative sequence current will produce a reversal of the magnetic field and the work principle of the generator is the rotor and a magnetizing current produces a magnetic field, with the rotation of the rotor, the magnetic field will follow the rotor to rotate together, the magnetic field in the stator winding induced electromotive force, produces the three-phase alternating current. Three-phase alternating current can also synthesize a rotating magnetic field, the magnetic field under the general rotor magnetic field remain stationary state, for the negative sequence current and the magnetic field of the rotor is transferred, and the stator negative sequence current generated by the magnetic field reversal, counteract magnetic field, the magnetic field is weak, unit vibration.
(4) the stator winding overvoltage caused by sudden load rejection.
(5) the rotor winding overload caused by the failure of the excitation circuit or the strong excitation time.
(6) the generator reverse power operation, which is caused by the sudden closure of the main valve of the steam turbine, and the low frequency, out of step, over excitation, etc..
The main steam turbine to provide mechanical energy, suddenly closed, the rotor due to inertia and then rotation, this time will appear from the system to absorb mechanical energy, the power of the inverse power of the generator. For the generator, the rotor speed decreases, its frequency decreases, the rotor speed is close to the resonance speed of the generator. Rotor speed of the generator and the rated speed of the system can not be consistent, for the loss of step, such as the generator oscillation caused by. Over excitation of the stator core in the magnetic field of serious saturation, more than 300 thousand of the generating units to consider, in order to make full use of non-ferrous materials, but also in order to shorten the length of the shaft, prone to excessive excitation state.
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