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Diesel generating units lead to excessive supply of fuel

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:08:10 Hits:106 Belong to:NOTICE
Fuel injection pump of diesel generator set is one of the main parts, we should always check whether there is fault, the operation of the diesel generator is the most prone to failure of the component is fuel injection pump, injector, the governor, especially fuel injection pump, once injection too much there will be a waste of fuel, combustion is not sufficient, smoke and other conditions, not only affects the generator work will reduce the service life of the diesel generator. Causes the fuel injection pump to supply too many common possible reasons to have the following several:
1) the governor of the oil too much, so that the amount of oil will increase;
2) the adjustment of the adjustment of the adjustment screw too big or the throttle handle limit screw adjustment is too big;
3) injection pump plunger adjustment amount of oil is too large, or is adjusting ring gear locking screw loosening the adjusting ring gear displacement, resulting in large amount of fuel injection pump. For pumping volume is excessive, will make the fuel consumption increased, the incomplete combustion of the fuel, diesel engine exhaust take black smoke, combustion chamber serious carbon deposit, accelerate cylinder, piston and piston ring wear, even in the diesel engine overheating and knocking phenomenon. So according to the above three common causes the unit should do for inspection, in order to make the diesel generating set and high efficiency.
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