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Introduction of diesel generator control panel

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:15:50 Hits:1835 Belong to:Technology
The main purpose of the diesel generator control panel is the generator output power distribution to the user load or electrical equipment. Also used to indicate diesel generator operates and under load variations remain generator on the voltage stability of. Generally, the control panel is provided with a voltage meter, a frequency meter, a current meter, a power meter, a three phase current conversion switch, a three phase voltage switching switch, a voltage setting knob and various indicator lamps, etc.. For oil pressure gauge, oil thermometer, battery charging current, sea surface temperature, start button and start power locks, and other components, some according to the design requirements, installed directly in the control panel, some have installed on the dashboard of a diesel engine. The internal installation of the control panel is mainly related to the excitation mode adopted by the generator and the automatic control of the diesel generator. Internal structure of control panel for diesel generating set.
Simple diesel generator control panel within the generally installed in the voltage regulator, silicon rectifier diode, rheostat, automatic air switch and current transformer parts, more complex control within the screen also install the overload and short circuit protection device, electronic governor, controllable silicon, a relay and various safety devices and small transformer for electrical equipment.
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