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Running in of diesel generator set and the use of diesel oil in plateau area

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:09:59 Hits:66 Belong to:Consultation

The use of run in with the plateau generator description Xiangjie
1 diesel engine running in
New or after the overhaul of the diesel engine, before the official use of the 60H running through, before the full load can be put into use. In order to improve the working condition of the diesel engine's moving parts, and to improve the reliability and service life of the diesel engine. Running in the diesel engine and the use of different methods of drag, to consider the specific running program. In principle, with the running time of the increase phase to gradually increase the speed and load of diesel engine, the entire running in period of the load to 50%-80% calibration power of 12h is appropriate, the speed should not be greater than 80% of the calibration speed as well. But in the running of the start phase of air transport or too small load running time should not be too long.
When the replacement of the cylinder, piston, piston rings, connecting rod bearing and crank also according to the condition of running in a short run properly.
2 normal use of diesel oil
Diesel generating units put into normal use, should often look all the instrument indication value and observation of machine operation, should always check the liquid level of the cooling system and the lubrication oil, such as the discovery of inconsistent requirements or loss leakage should be given supplementary or check the original due to be excluded.
In the operation process, especially when anticlimax load, attention should be paid to prevent governor failure the engine speed increases suddenly (commonly known as speed) exceeds a predetermined value, a when there is such a situation should immediately take emergency measures, and then to identify the cause of.
3 diesel engine and the work of mechanical power matching
Users should not only consider the need to consider the size of the power required to support the working machinery, but also need to consider the load rate of the work machinery, such as intermittent use, or continuous use. At the same time, we must consider the operation economy of the working machinery, that is, the working characteristics of the load and the characteristics of the diesel engine must be reasonably distributed. Therefore diesel engine power correct calibration and diesel engine and mechanical properties of the work of reasonable matching but to ensure the diesel engine, reliable, long life and economic operation of the premise, otherwise it will likely make diesel engine overload operation and unnecessary fault or load power is small, the power of the diesel engine can not be fully used, which is economic and channeling oil and other ills.
4 diesel engine used in the plateau area
Diesel engine in the plateau area and the plain area of the situation is different, to the diesel engine in the performance and use of some changes, the following points for the use of diesel engine in the plateau region of the user's reference.
1) due to the low pressure in the plateau area, the air is thin, the oxygen component is small, especially for the natural inspiration diesel engine, because the air intake is insufficient and the combustion condition becomes worse, the diesel engine can not send out the original calibration power. Even though the basic structure of the diesel engine is the same, but the different diesel engine calibration power is different, so they are not the same in the plateau. For example, 6135Q-1 type diesel engine calibration power 161.8kW/2200r/min. Due to the calibration of high power, performance on very small margin, is when using plateau each elevated 1000m, power was reduced by approximately 12%, so in the long-term use of the plateau should according to the local sea altitude above, appropriate to reduce the amount of oil. and 6135K-11 diesel engine, although the same combustion process, but the calibration power is only 117.7kW/2200r/min, so the performance of a sufficient margin, so that the diesel engine itself has a certain plateau work capacity.
In order to improve the economic performance of the diesel engine, the fuel supply advance angle of the natural suction diesel engine is generally recommended in order to improve the economic performance of the diesel engine.
Due to the rising of the sea, the power is decreased, the exhaust temperature is increased, so the user should consider the working capacity of the plateau, and strictly avoid the overload operation.
According to the test in recent years, the diesel engine used in the plateau area can be used as a high altitude power compensation method. Through the turbocharger can not only make up the deficiency of the plateau power, can also improve the smoky, restore power performance and reduce fuel consumption rate.
2) with increasing altitude, ambient temperature also than the plain areas to low, generally increases every 1000m, ambient temperature fell by about 0.6 degrees Celsius, plus due to high altitude thin air. Therefore, diesel engine starting performance to worse than the plain areas. Users in the use of low temperature should be taken to start the corresponding auxiliary starting measures.
3) due to the increase in altitude, the boiling point of water decreased, while cooling the air pressure and the quality of the cooling air decreases, and per kilowatt in unit time increase the heat, so cooling system heat dissipation condition to worse than plain. In the high sea area, it is not suitable to adopt the open type cooling circulation, which can be used to increase the boiling point of the coolant at high altitude.

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