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Diesel generator set

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SDL-POWER Diesel Generating sets , Using the world famous brand diesel engine as standard power, which are widely applied in data center, financial institution, aerospace, energy & power, post and telecommunication, petrochemical industry, Military defense, Medical Institutions, Industrial and mining exploration.etc.


Equipted generator: World famous brands such as Marathon, Leroy-Somer, Stanford,ABBTellhow Faraday, Enger and other domestic in compliance with the customers' request.


Controller: World famous brands such as Deepsea, ComAp, Smartgen, Harsen and other domestic in compliance with the customers' request.

Standard configuration



40Radiating water tank

Industrial muffler/bellows

    Steel frame

Starting battery / Battery connect wire

Output breaker

Intelligent control panel

Standard tool

optional configuration

50Radiating water tank

Residential muffler

Heavy industrial extinguishing muffler

Electrothermic water jacket heater

Fuel type water jacket heater

Oil-water separator

External base daily tank

Auto lube supply system

Auto fuel supply system

Auto communication control system

3-remote communication control system

Auto paralleling control system

Auto power switch system

    Special tool

Structural Features and Performance Advantages

Excellent performance

We chose global leading engine and high efficient alternator, and match them with different control systems, which assures our products still in best condition, i.e.powerful motivity and stable operation.

Pure sine wave design, stable voltage and frequency output, strong non-linear load ability.

Strong environment aptitude

The product can reliably running at -40~55℃,with good low temperature start ability, can normally running in cold, tropical area, sand storm area and humid condition.

Plateau type product can normally run at altitude 5000m,with low power loss.

Intelligent control system

The control system is with the multifunctional module design and the Electronic Management System combined. With the function of auto start, auto protection, auto switch between mains and generator, parallel running and remote communication etc., the comprehensive, intellectualized and networking management and control make the generator set run in best status, and avoid the incidental injury.

The perfect human-computer interface guiding the operation, makes the convenient using.

Environment and energy conservation 

Choosing world leading engine, matched with high efficiency vibration absorbing system and rigid base frame, the design of compacted structure makes less vibration, lower noise and better emission using.

Economical efficiency

Standard design, high commonality of spare parts ensuring easy product mating and maintenance.

Choosing world famous brand engine with high reliability and long overhaul period.

Advanced combustion system and high-efficiency alternator matched design saves fuel and reduces cost.

Low Voltage Diesel Generating Sets


Rated Voltage: 230V/400V/480V  

Rated Frequency: 50Hz60Hz Optional

Rated power factor: 0.8lag)  

Junction Type: 3 phases 4 wires


High Voltage Diesel Generating Sets


Rated Voltage: 3300/6300/10500/13800V  

Rated Frequency: 50Hz60Hz Optional

Rated power factor: 0.8lag)  

Junction Type: 3 phases 3 wires

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