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Working principle of diesel generator

Author:网站管理员 Sources:本站原创 Date:2016/5/28 11:13:49 Hits:1816 Belong to:Technology
In the diesel engine cylinder, through the air cleaner filtered clean air and nozzle jet pressure atomized diesel are fully mixed, in the piston upward pressure, reduce the volume, temperature rises rapidly, reaching diesel ignition. Diesel fuel is ignited, the mixture gas is violent burning, the volume is rapidly expanding, and the piston is pushed down. Each cylinder according to a certain order of work, the role of the thrust on the piston through the connecting rod into a force to drive the crankshaft rotation, thereby driving the crankshaft rotation.
The brushless synchronous AC generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the rotation of the diesel engine driven generator rotor, the use of the 'induction' principle, the generator can output the induced electromotive force and the closure of the load circuit can produce electricity. Here only to describe the basic working principle of generating units. A series of diesel and generator control, protection devices and circuits are needed to be used to obtain a stable power output.
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