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SDL Intelligent power distribution system

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SDL  Automatic transfer switch panel ATS):

Automatic transfer switch panel is an automation equipment for changeover between the mains/standby power supply, it forms the emergency power supply system with standby generator sets. When mains power failure, ATS will call the DG set to start and transfer the load it automatically (the switching time is adjustable in 3 to 15 seconds).


4 poles automatic transfer switch

Manual/automatic selector switch

Safe and reliable E&M double interlocking configuration

Panel cabinet had been acid pickling, zinc phosphate coated and surface spraying

Long service life and stable performance



SDL  Automatic parallel cabinet

Parallel panels is to be used with generator sets, it control voltage and speed of multiple units of generator sets to realize automatic parallel operations. Compared with single generator set, parallel operations of multiple generator sets has the advantage of more frequency stability, more voltage stability, larger impact load capacity and more reliable power supply.


PLC central control and programmable

Capacity can be expanded if required on the load increase.

Automatically synchronize and parallel

Distribute the load automatically according to the proportion reasonably.

Increase or decrease the number of generator sets in parallel automatically according to the load capacity.

Protection on short circuit, over load and negative power.

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